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Hello! I am Heejin. I love doing character and prop designs (also drawing cute girls with outfits that I wish I had!). Calarts Alum.
  1. Mochi, Japanese rice cake, is one of the best Asian sweets ever!!! It is sweet, soft and chewy.

    I love the sweet red bean paste inside of mochi as well. It is sooo sweet, and very moist… I don’t even remember when was the first time I tried mochi. Although mochi originally came from Japan, mochi is one of the most popular rice cake in Korea as well.

    When I go to the food corner of fancy department store, they always have pretty mochi which people usually buy for present. I never tried those fancy ones…they are so pretty that I might even hesitate before I eat those…XD

    Also Japanese eat mochi soup to celebrate New Year and they look AMAZING! I think that mochi is more on a savory side..anyway I really want to try it! I just looked up the recipe and it doesn’t seem to be hard at all as long as I already have the mochi….. I might try to make this in the future!

    And have you ever heard of mochiko? This is rice flour that is used to make mochi…it is quite popular and most American/oriental markets do have it. You can easily make huge mochi cake with different flavors such as green tea, butter, lemon, strawberry, and chocolate.
    I baked mocha mochi cake (http://weekofmenus.blogspot.kr/2010/08/mocha-mochi-cake-adults-only-please.html) for a few times and they are pretty good. It is easy to make so anyone who likes mochi should give it a try!

    When I go back I will bake more mochi cake and eat with ice cream!! cant waaait!!

    Hope everyone will have a awesome weekend!!!

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